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HYLETE Points and Rewards

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Discover HYLETE Points and other sweet discounts for our community.


About HYLETE Points

The HYLETE Points program was created to give back to our most loyal and active community members. By simply creating a HYLETE account you can earn Points for every purchase.

Do HYLETE points expire?

HYLETE points will automatically expire 180 days from when they are issued.

Why can't I find the option to apply my points to my shopping cart?

If you have eligible items, you will see a sliding toolbar towards the bottom of your shopping cart page. Click here to learn more!

Why aren't my points reflecting the correct discount?

When redeeming HYLETE points, every 20 points are equal to $1. This amount is deducted from the subtotal, prior to other promotional codes. Any further discount is then applied to the new subtotal, once your points value has been deducted. HYLETE

About HYLETE Promo Codes

Here at HYLETE, we believe in offering our customers top-tier promotions. Learn more about our exclusive promo codes and redemption rules.

I placed my order and forgot to enter my discount code. What do I do?

Please contact us within a reasonable amount of time after your order has been placed and we may be able to retroactively apply the discount code to your order, assuming it is a qualifying code.